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Nicholas Thurkettle
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To Be a Man With a Plan

I've made a decision.

I keep a lot of lists. Lists of movies to see, lists of rollercoasters to ride, lists of stories to write; I make lists and then review and procrastinate about them. One list in particular I am adept at making excuses about. It is the list that answers the question of why I never have business cards to give out at events.

The answer is that, before I get good business cards, there are other steps in the list to complete.

I have long intended to build a personal webpage, and move or at least re-post my blog there. This way I can build a web presence for applying for crew jobs, for making announcements about developments in my career - hell, just to build some Google-able credibility should I ever decide to put together an independent screenwriting class to raise a little money.

And eventually, this site would host the short films that I intend to make. That would be a lot easier to attract crew for - if I had business cards. That would direct people to a website. You start to see how it all lays out.

But even that $20-or-so startup investment to register a domain is an expense I have avoided. You have heard enough of my laments about my monthly bills versus my monthly income. I live with a narrow margin. But this list lays out a series of important long-term investments that, once begun, are really not as awful as I let myself think. It's sure cheaper than buying a Quiznos franchise, isn't it?

So here is my decision - any money donated to this blog through my PayPal account, I pledge not to use it on bills, meals, DVDs, or anything personal. Whatever money finds its way there, I will use to a) build a website, b) invest in the tools (web-publishing platform, new cheap laptop computer, etc.) that will expand my on-line professional profile, and then c) make short films that will feature on that website.

That's my pitch, Jimmy. You get to be a patron of the arts.