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Nicholas Thurkettle
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Bought and paid for

Well, what could I do but prove to my donors that I was putting their generosity to good use?


Okay, so there isn't much there yet, but I am still learning to navigate. My next goal is to sort out how I am going to handle the blog publishing side. My goal is to be able to still give you guys the LiveJournal blog you know and love, while duplicating un-filtered entries over there for the public at large to enjoy. I intend to get the whole movie review archive up and running over there - the Blogspot duplicates have been quietly generating GoogleAd traffic for me for years without my even needing to advertise them; time to bring that eyeball-attracting potential home.

Obviously the simplest way to do that is to just double-post, but I am hoping I can configure some widget to handle it for me. Investigations will proceed. Once that's accomplished, I will probably just go fully Friends Only on this journal, direct others to the website, and only add to the Friends list here once I have gotten to know people.

I am excited.


I like the services page a lot -- good content and it does a good job of selling your skills. Not sold on the layout, I find the extreme high right corner to be a weird place for navigation. And it's dark and brooding which makes it feel, to me, like a sci-fi site, not a professional one. Did you buy the domain from wordpress as well?

I bought the domain through BlueHost - they seem pretty damn generous, and fully compatible with WP.

I found the theme for free through WP - I don't think I'll keep it but it looks polished for now. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the upper-right corner. I don't intend to have many permanent pages, but I would like them to feel a little less like they're on a deserted island.

I'm thinking, once I know the language for manipulating the page a little better, my next investment will be to offer $40 and the price of lunch on Craigslist for a budding graphic designer to give me a custom visual element or two. Does that seem like a fair price?

It's OK. Enough that someone with nothing in their portfolio will do it just to add something to it. And if you're looking for something simple, it won't take too much of their time. If I have spare time when you know what you're looking for, I'd make you some graphics -- if you don't like them, at least it will have been free.

I will gladly take you up on that. I'll let you know when I'm at that stage. I insist on including the price of a lunch, though.