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Nicholas Thurkettle
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Nicholas Thurkettle [userpic]
I wonder if they ever got their water?

It was a long and lovely holiday. I could tell you about all that. I might tell you about all of that. But I am headed for an early bed tonight, followed by a couple of days in LA, and you may not hear much from me. And I still owe you Disneyland pictures, plus I am all of a sudden five movie reviews behind all over again (what did that take, like a week?), and we all know how this works by now, don't we?

So here's a quick laugh - while the family was out at a joint birthday dinner for my father and I last week, I discovered I had received three text messages in quick succession from a number I do not recognize. It was not intended for me, unless I am doing things of which I am not aware.

The three texts constituted a single long message, which, as a public service, I now reprint for you:

"What time r u off? U obviously dont give a shit about me. Why should i care if u get fired. Im fucking homeless too. But u have 20 dudes to sleep with. If we sleep not sex together tonight I wont give a shit about money. I just want us back together. Ill be waiting when u get off. Please bring a water out. Im not leaving."

Why do I feel like I just got a peek into an amazing story? Or is amazing the word I'm looking for?