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The Theory of Chaos

Weblogging home of Nicholas Thurkettle - superfluous writer and general layabout

Nicholas Thurkettle
31 August 1977

"I've always been an outsider, a stranger in every tribe. That's neither boast nor complaint nor plea for sympathy. And it's certainly not a condition uncommon to others. It's the sense of remove from the world around him that defines the outsider, but this feeling of apartness goes beyond mere geography. Even in his own country, among his own fellows, in the midst of his own family, the outsider feels himself a stranger, a keeper of an alien heart."
-James Carlos Blake

I am an occasionally-employed writer working in the film business. It's a feast-or-famine world, I've feasted a bit but have spent more of my time doing the other thing, which suits the law of averages. I've used this LJ to review over 300 movies, share short stories I'm working on, post pictures from my travels or the Pretty I find in my own backyard, critique micro-brew root beers, celebrate the cinema of Elvis Presley, tell stories about Hollywood, and often more personal things, too.

I post Friends-Only these days, but any public-worthy content is cross-posted to my blog at http://www.nicholasthurkettle.com. My movie reviews are gradually migrating there, as well, and I'm sorting out what I want to do with the older pictures.

Drop me a line if you want to get to know me, I don't mind. I've made some friends here and have been happily surprised by how important some of them have become to me. If I've learned nothing else, I've learned that friends - the ones who show their best selves when things get hard - can save your life.

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